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M&Ds Occasions LLC was officially founded in February of 2011, however, we believe we were born to decorate.
Afer decorating for one of our own in 2010, we made the decision and the risk of making it a career.
The reason why we love what we do is, is witnessing the client's genuine emotional reaction to the surrounding environment that we have created for what could be the most important day of their lives.  That is why we continue offering our services.
If we have made our client smile with appreciation of making their creative imagination come to life,
than we consider ourselves a successful company.
M&Ds consists of three owners.

Lenora Phillips, Jennifer Phillips & Lisa Drumm

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer
Together, with other important enthusiastic decorators, M&Ds Occasions create romantic,
fun and memorable impressions for any event.
M&Ds Occasions Owners Cartooned!
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